Welcome to the EsquireConnect Deposition Client Portal!

EsquireConnect works the way you do to help you manage your deposition calendar more efficiently and accurately:


    • Schedule for one or more attorneys from one application
    • Create team scheduling for distributed work
    • Select frequently-used information from drop-down lists to reduce typing and improve speed and accuracy
    • Schedule a proceeding in moments, and get an email confirmation moments later
    • Notify other parties automatically the moment you submit a request
    • Reschedule, postpone and cancel in seconds
    • Maintain an audit log for all scheduling changes, including your comments
    • Create shared case calendars so that all parties can see the calendar in realtime
    • Confirm the deposition online one business day before the proceeding date

Calendar Management

    • Administrators can view all of the firm's Esquire settings and create beautiful reports
    • Create personalized calendars for cases, attorneys and clients
    • Share a case calendar with all parties to keep them informed of scheduling changes
    • View all of your settings at a glance on a calendar or My Activity list
    • Export your calendar and activity view to a spreadsheet or formatted PDF report to keep others informed
    • Find any setting in seconds using QuickFind in My Activity

Invoice Management

    • Review invoices and pay securely on-line or by mail
    • View past-due and paid invoices
    • Control the billing for your attorneys, or for the entire office or firm


    • Search and download your transcripts and transcripts
    • Download video files and synchronized load files (e.g., TextMap, LiveNote, Sanction, Trial Director)
    • Request managed case group repositories
    • Request firm-wide or corporate repositories

Account Preferences

    • Legal staff can link themselves to their attorneys
    • Set communications preferences for confirmations and transcript notifications
    • Select preferred reporters for each of your attorneys