What is EsquireConnect?

EsquireConnect is Esquire Deposition Solution's free, secure, on-line collaborative court reporting management program.  EsquireConnect contains a deposition calendar, scheduling page, proceeding activity page, account management page, invoice page and transcript, exhibit and video repository.

We designed EsquireConnect to facilitate collaboration between parties.  

EsquireConnect's structure is simple:

  • As Legal Staff your access to information is based on your link to an attorney in your firm. Once linked to the attorney(s), you have access to that attorney's complete calendar, invoices, cases and Esquire Corporate Solutions clients for the attorney(s) and law firm. To schedule as a team, multiple legal staff link should link to the same attorney(s).  
  • If you are an Attorney, you are all set. You have access to all of your proceeding requests, invoices, cases, and access to your firm's Esquire Corporate Solutions clients.  Attorneys can only link to each other through Shared Case Calendar and Managed Case Repositories
  • Other Corporate Staff are non-scheduling administrators or management for a law firm or corporation. In that role, you have access to the firm's calendar, invoices and repository.

Esquire enables everyone who works in the deposition process to prepare, share and organize, including:

If you are an Esquire client, you have an EsquireConnect account. All of your proceeding information is available to you on-line.  To recover it, go here.

Your username is your email address. You can retrieve your password by going here, and clicking on Forgot Password. After you enter your email address and submit the request, you will receive an email. Reset your password from the link in that email.

Remember, though, you must be a registered with Esquire to access your free EsquireConnect account. If you can't recover your password, go here.

Before You Begin

If you are Legal Staff (not an attorney), first go to My Account: My Attorneys to see the list of attorneys in your firm location who have Esquire accounts. Select the attorneys for whom you work. Once you select them and click Update, those names will appear in the Setting Attorney drop-down list in the Scheduling form. You can also request to have an attorney added while you are scheduling.