What's New?

EsquireConnect has been rebuilt to provide you with even stronger and more flexible features to help you manage your depositions and other proceedings and collaborate with others. We have added new features based on your feedback, and we have strengthened the features you like. And we have simplified the process at the same time! Learn more about it in this help file, or send us a note as ecnhelp@esquiresolutions.com to set up a webinar for your staff. Here are some of the new and improved features.

June 2018

  • We've added short video tutorials to help you learn EsquireConnect.  Check out the new Tutorial page, or view each tutorial in its subject area.
  • Bug fixes

April 2018

  • Major rewrite of My Activity and My Calendar pages, resulting in new look, faster page load times and additional features (see below)
  • My Activity now shows all settings, including completed and cancelled.
  • Improved detail proceeding pop-up window, including a new Notes and Services section
  • Esquire Corporate Solutions master accounts can see the deposition calendar for all work done by outside counsel where the corporation is the represented client, and all work scheduled on behalf of their divisions (as allowed by permission settings).
  • New PDF reporting for My Calendar and My Activity
  • New Quick Find search bar in My Activity that enables user to find any setting or settings in seconds
  • Improved Calendar navigation
  • Mouse over calendar entry to verify setting before clicking and opening proceeding pop-up
  • Assorted bug fixes


  • Major rewrite of Scheduling page, resulting in a faster page load
  • Download the attachment (notice) from the scheduling page
  • Audit trail now shows local time
  • Inactive (departed) attorneys do not appear in the Setting Attorney drop-down list
  • "Make default" remembers selected Represented Client
  • Saves third-party billing client information as a drop-down item

  • Download all files in search results list. See Repository
  • Improved speed in preparing large files for download, including video, deponent, and case files for batch download. See Repository
  • Download just transcripts and/or exhibits, or videos for download for search results, deponent and case file downloads. See Repository
  • Name download file for future one-click downloads. See Repository
  • Replaced file attachment control on Scheduling page
  • Added downloadable MPEG video files and synchronization files to the repository. See Repository
  • Changed tabs "Recent Activity" and "All Activity" to one page: "Current Activity." See what's scheduled and proceedings recently taken. See My Activity
  • Bug fixes

2016 Releases

  • New integrated transcript and exhibit repository now available through the REPOSITORY menu.  See Repository
  • Bug fixes

2015 Releases

  • Select the attorney, contact, both or none to receive the transcript by email. See Preferences by Attorney
  • Select others to receive all confirmation emails associated with a particular attorney. See Preferences by Attorney
  • Select others to receive the confirmation emails for a particular proceeding. See Step-by-Step Scheduling
  • Click on a calendar pop-up link to see a map and get directions to the proceeding. See Calendar Pop-up Calendar
  • Save to Calendar is back!  It works with Outlook Calendar, Google Mail and Apple Mail.
  • "Add a New Case" has been moved to the top of the drop-down list of cases on the Scheduling page.
  • We have added a note that pops up if you are using a browser version that is not optimal for EsquireConnect. Those would be any version of Internet Explorer prior to version 11.  EsquireConnect works well with Internet Explorer 11, Safari, FireFox and Chrome.
  • You can now link yourself to attorneys in another firm location. Look under My Account: My Attorneys.
  • Select your law firm under Client Billing Information unless you are scheduling on behalf of a client that has an agreement with Esquire Corporation Solutions. That's it! If you don't see the name of the client who has an arrangement with Esquire Corporate Solutions, click on "Add New Client" and enter the name. We will link you to the client. If you only schedule on behalf of a corporate client (for example, you are staff counsel), then you should select the staff counsel name and then click the "Make this the default" check box.
  • If you have a third-party billing arrangement with your client (other than a client of Esquire Corporate Solutions), enter the third-party billing information by selecting "Add New Third-Party Billing." The next time you schedule, the name of the third-party billed party will appear in the drop-down list.
  • Assorted bug fixes.

Initial June 2015 Release


  • View and manage your entire deposition schedule, regardless of how you scheduled
  • View a summary of a proceeding using the one-click pop-up on the EsquireConnect calendar, Recent Activity page and All Activity page
  • Link to one or more attorneys to have immediately access to the full Esquire deposition calendars and invoices
  • Attorneys have immediate access to their invoices
  • Create an instant Team Calendar by linking to the same attorney or attorneys
  • Create and change linked attorney preferences, including confirmation notification, scheduling and production preferences
  • Generate a quick report of invoices by case, attorney or client, paid or unpaid
  • My Info is now My Account with many more ways to manage your Esquire account


  • Creating shared case calendars is simpler and more flexible
  • Use advanced filtering to view your settings in calendar or table format by date range, attorney, case and or client, then export the results to spreadsheet
  • Access your most recent settings through the Recent Activity page
  • Review and print the invoice, then pay by mail or pay on-line, full or partial payments
  • Give your billing department and management a clear view of every Esquire setting and invoice for your firm