Undo a Postponed Proceeding

How to Undo a Postponed Proceeding

Sometimes a proceeding in postponed, only to become active again. If no details have changed from the original request, and the original proceeding date is still in the future, you can use the Undo Postpone button. You can also use the Modify button, if the original proceeding date was in the past, or you wish to change any information.

To undo a postponed proceeding, click on the Undo Postpone Proceeding button on the Calendar pop-up, or the All Activity or Recent Activity pop-up summaries. You can also open the scheduling form and select the Undo Postpone button at the top of the screen.

You will see the message: "Are you sure you want to Undo Postpone Proceeding this job?" Click OK. You have the option to select a reason for the change for the Audit Trail.

A confirmation email will be sent and your Calendar and Activity pages will be updated to the Request status. You will receive a scheduling confirmation email once the resources required for the proceeding have been processed.