The Repository

Repository Overview

Esquire publishes its transcripts, exhibits and video files to the repository of the ordering attorney. Access is through the REPOSITORY menu. Legal staff can link themselves to the ordering attorney's repository. To link to an attorney from your firm, go to My Account: My Attorneys. Note: Attorneys can share case repositories only. More about the repository.

This repository currently goes back to November 2013.

Contact to request a transcript prior to November 2013.

Case Repository

Each member of your case team, including expert witnesses and corporate client, can have access to case transcripts and exhibits through a managed case repository. Submit a request to, including the case name, name, firm/company, and email address of each party.

Firm and Corporate Repository

Upon request, Esquire will create a firm-wide (parent firm location, or by location) or corporate (by subsidiary or parent) repository upon request. Submit your request to, including the corporate/firm, name, location, and email address of the persons who should have access.