My Clients

Esquire Corporate Solutions is a division of Esquire Deposition Solutions. It manages agreements with corporations and insurance companies (where permitted by law). Counsel whose firms who work on behalf of these corporate clients are linked to these clients in EsquireConnect.

The client names appear in the Client Information drop-down lists on the Schedule form. These client names are the corporate clients who have a program with Esquire Corporate Solutions and which are associated with your law firm.

Using My Clients

If the corporate client has an agreement with Esquire, click on the Info button next to the client's name to learn more about the relationship. It also contains:

    • Esquire contact information
    • Scheduling instructions specific to that client
    • Billing instructions specific to that client
    • More about Esquire's services, including video tutorials

If you do not see one of your corporate clients, fill out the client name under Add Another Client and click the Update button. We will review your request and link your attorneys, if we can confirm there is an agreement between the corporate client and your law firm.