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How to Create a Shared Calendar

When you add a case name while scheduling, your attorney and you (and anyone else linked to the attorney's account) will be linked to the case. The case name is then added to the Case drop-down list on the Scheduling page. The case name is added also to the Case drop-down list on this page.

Anyone who is linked to a case can invite others to see the read-only case information on the Calendar and on the My Activity lists.

Shared Case Calendar

Select the case from the drop-down list, then enter the email address and Send. An invitation with your name and the case name will be sent to the invitee. If the invitee accepts the invitation, then he or she will be able to see the case calendar in their EsquireConnect account. If they are an attorney, then their linked support staff will also see the case in their accounts.

By accepting an invitation, you are also agreeing to share any proceedings you have scheduled on behalf of the same case.

You do have the option of creating a shared case calendar just within your law firm. Select the check box next to "Don't share this case calendar outside of my firm."

The members list displays all members of the shared case calendar that appears in the case that was selected from the drop-down list.

The clock icon means the person hasn't responded to the invitation. To send a reminder, click on the clock.

The X means you have the right to take this person off of the list. Only the inviter and the invitee have that privilege.

My Cases

As of April 16, 2018, case color for the Calendar is no longer used. Use the Case filter instead.

You can select to receive all confirmation emails associated with the case. Even if you don't, all changes will appear on My Calendar and My Activity pages.