My Account

My Account gives you several ways to personalize EsquireConnect.

  • My Info – Update password, name, email and phone information, set the default opening page, determine which optional headings appear on the My Activity screens
  • Preferences by Attorney -  Request communications, scheduling and production options by linked attorney. See who is linked to each attorney.
  • My Attorneys – Link to and unlink from an attorney in the firm location and request that a new attorney be added. The list of linked attorneys appears in the Attorney drop-down list on the Scheduling page
  • My Clients – See list of corporate clients linked to the linked attorney(s), request to be linked to a corporate client, and see more information about a corporate client who has a program with Esquire Corporate Solutions (previously a separate password-protected client landing page).  This list also appears in the Billing Client drop-down lists on the Scheduling page
  • My Cases – See the a list of cases contact linked to the linked attorney(s), send shared case calendar invitation to others associated with the case, and see a list of members of a shared case calendar. Select and deselect to receive all email notifications for the case, regardless of who scheduled. Select the color of the bar which appears on the Calendar for that case