Let's Get Started

Very important: When requesting an Esquire account for your attorney, you must enter the attorney's email address and not yours.  Using your email address for your Esquire account and the attorney's will create problems for EsquireConnect. Always use your attorney's email address when requesting to be linked. Don't worry, we won't send emails to the attorney (unless you request it).  You can set who receives the confirmation emails yourself in the My Account: Preferences by Attorney section of EsquireConnect.

If you are not an attorney, before you schedule for the first time there are just a few things you should do to improve your EsquireConnect experience.

You should link yourself to your attorney(s) and make sure you are linked to your corporate client (if they have an agreement with Esquire Corporate Solutions). Then you should set your attorneys' preferences. This determines who receives the confirmation emails, and enables you to select your preferred court reporters.

If you are not an attorney, link yourself to your attorneys

Go to My Account: My Attorneys and click the check-boxes next to the attorneys for whom you work.  Then click the Update button. This will help you in several ways:

    • It adds your attorneys to your Setting Attorney drop-down list in Scheduling
    • It links you to all of the cases that your attorneys are working on with Esquire
    • It links you to your firm's invoices
    • It links you to the repository of each linked attorney

If you do not see an attorney's name, complete the request to be linked on the My Account: My Attorneys page. Fill in the name, email address and office city and click Add Attorney. This generates a request ticket. We will create a record for this attorney and link the attorney to you, then notify you, usually within an hour or two.

Create a Team Calendar

If more than one person schedules on behalf of one or more attorneys, you can create an instant team calendar. Learn more at Team Scheduling.

Set Attorney Preferences

Change communication, court reporter and production preferences for each of your attorneys. Learn more about My Account: Preferences by Attorney.

Request to be Linked to Corporate Client

Many of our clients use Esquire's services at the request of their corporate client. Those client names should appear in the drop-down list in the Client Billing section of the Scheduling form. The names should also appear on the My Account: My Clients page. If you do not see it, please use the form on that page to request to be linked.

Compatible Browsers

The following browsers are compatible with EsquireConnect:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11
    • Google Chrome (2015 versions)
    • Apple Safari (2015 versions)
    • Mozilla Firefox (2015 versions)