Confirm a Proceeding

It is critical for you to confirm a proceeding one business day prior to the proceeding. Things change, people forget to call. One final check provides assurance that the proceeding will go off without a hitch (or not go off without a hitch).

One business day prior to the proceeding you will receive a request to confirm the next-day proceeding.

The Confirm button will appear in the pop-up summary and on the proceeding's Schedule page.

Confirm the proceeding in one of several ways:

  • Click on the button on your confirmation request email
  • Select Confirm in EsquireConnect
  • Call your Esquire scheduling office
  • Receive a call from your Esquire scheduler (this will happen if the other methods aren't used)

If an Esquire scheduler is unable to reach you by the evening before the deposition, the proceeding will be considered confirmed, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Note: Once a proceeding has been confirmed, all changes must be made by phone call to Esquire.