The Calendar

 About the Calendar Video Tutorial

EsquireConnect displays all of your settings, regardless of how you scheduled: On-line, phone, email or fax.

You can reschedule, postpone, cancel, and confirm in EsquireConnect, regardless of how you scheduled.

The calendar includes:

  • Drop-down filters to show proceedings for attorney, case, client and status
  • An Export button to enable you to export the results of your filter to Excel or Adobe Acrobat PDF.


Mouse-over the entry to view details

What can I do with the Calendar?

Mouse over a name on the calendar to view a summary of the event. Then left-click on the name on the calendar to open the pop-up summary to do the following:

    • Filter what appears on the calendar by date, attorney, case, client, scheduler and job status
    • Click on an icon to view the proceedings for the day
    • Click on an icon on a particular to begin scheduling with that date as the proceeding date
    • Export the current view of the calendar to Excel or Adobe Acrobat PDF