Calendar Questions

Can I see my entire calendar, or just the proceedings I schedule on-line?
You can see all of your settings, regardless of how you scheduled them. Once you are linked to an attorney’s account, you can see all of the settings for that attorney. You are able to confirm, reschedule, postpone, cancel, undo postpone and undo cancel all scheduling requests for the attorneys to whom you are linked. The name of the person doing any scheduling actions will appear in the Audit Trail for that setting.

What is different about this calendar?
You can create different calendars using the drop-down filters. Filter by date, attorney, case and job status. This means you can create an attorney calendar by selecting the attorney from the attorney drop-down list on the calendar. Only that attorney's depositions will appear on the calendar. This applies to clients and cases as well.

If you have many settings scheduled for a particular date, you can click on the "Plus x" line at the bottom of the day box and see all of the settings, including their time ranges. Mouse over a box to view some details, then left-click on the box to open the pop-up summary.

You can also see a pop-up summary of the scheduling request by left-clicking on the case caption on the calendar. From the pop-up summary, you can make changes, confirm, cancel, etc. You can now export your results to a spreadsheet from the Calendar.

Does EsquireConnect support team calendars?
Yes. Multiple paralegals, for example, can create instant team calendars by going to My Account: My Attorneys, and selecting the same attorney(s) from your firm. This means all linked staff can see each other’s settings for the selected attorneys, and act on them. The staff who scheduled receives the confirmation, and that person's name appears in the Audit Trail.

Can an administrator see all Esquire settings for the firm?
Yes. Contact us at, and we will set the administrator up with the role of Other Corporate Staff. That will give the administrator access to all settings, invoices and case documents for the firm location.