About the Audit Trail

The Audit Trail is a record of who performed certain actions during the deposition scheduling process. It captures the system information, and the optional Comment field enables you to keep track of the reason for the changes in the schedule.

The information recorded includes:

  • The action (Requested, Updated, Postponed, Postponed Undone, Cancelled, Cancelled Undone, Confirmed)
  • The most recent date/time of the proceeding
  • The person who performed the action
  • The date/time the action was performed  
  • The reason for the change (Comment)(Optional)

The Comment section of each audit trail line contains a brief note (optional) that is entered by the scheduler as they submit one of the following requests:

  • Modify (Reschedule or other change)
  • Postpone Proceeding
  • Undo Postpone Proceeding
  • Cancel Proceeding
  • Undo Cancel Proceeding