About Invoices

Invoices enables you to do the following with your Esquire invoices:

    • View and download your invoices
    • Export summary reports to spreadsheet
    • Pay your Esquire invoices on-line using Discover, American Express, MasterCard or VISA
    • Pay one or more invoices at a time
    • Make a full payment or a partial payment
    • View your credits
    • View your payment receipts

Once a contact (someone who works for the attorney) is linked to one or more attorneys, the contact will see all invoices that were billed to the attorney(s).

An attorney is automatically linked to his or her own invoices. The attorney can only see his or her own invoices.

To view multiple attorney invoices, you either have to be a contact, or be set up in EsquireConnect in a Corporate Staff role. A billing manager can request to be linked to all invoices for that firm location.

View of Invoices

To see invoice details, click on the invoice number in the invoice table.

To pay one or more invoices at a time, click on the check box under "Select" then click the Make a Payment button.

Export Invoice Summary

Once you select invoices, you can also save the results to a spreadsheet by clicking on Export CSV.

Invoice Filters  

You have the option of filtering your invoices in several ways:

  • By attorney
  • By case
  • By status (open or paid)
  • By due date (next 7/30/60/90 days)
  • Invoices paid in full

Invoice Sorting

You can also sort your invoices several ways:

  • By due date
  • By Invoice date
  • By invoice number
  • By amount due